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So you’ve found the official submission form. Please always use this, instead of writing just emails to my business inbox and help me get things organized and not too crowded with all sorts of emails.

If you submit a song, please make sure that you own the full rights to it, even though your remix might be super nice, it can cause problems to me and you, because of legal stuff. So always make sure every sample and vocal used for this song actually can be used by you.


I upload three major genres on my YouTube channel, which are:  Trap, Future and Chill. I also love other genres, but for this YouTube channel I want to follow a certain pattern. So feel free to also share other genres with me, but don’t be sad, if I don’t accept your song, because it’s house music (for example).


Thanks a lot for sharing! The main idea behind my channel is to support you and make you a cool video.




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