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As a continuation of the series “The Return Of Nature”, we collaborated with NeoShibuyaTV in Tokyo to showcase the series on 11 large neon installations throughout Tokyo.Three pieces of the series are projected. The most popular locations were: . 1. Famous Shibuya Crossing Main Screen 2. MODI Shibuya Main Screen 3. VR Park Tokyo.

Displayed 8x each hour. From 09:00 until 24:00 daily.


NeoShibuyaTV is a project which was featured by GQ Japan and showcases talent and culture in the streets of Tokyo. Previous collaborators have been VERDY, Takashi Murakami, A$AP Rocky, Tom Sachs and many more.

Art Direction

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You can now see the latest piece of my series “The Return Of Nature”, live in Tokyo. 🦋 The latest piece was a re-imagination of the famous Shibuya Crossing, together with @neoshibuyatv we took the next step and made it a part of real Shibuya. The movies will be played about 8x per hour from 9am til 24 and are part of @neoshibuyatv ‘s 15 second museum. So if you are in Tokyo, please feel free to experience it. But be safe and don’t just go there, if you’re at risk of catching Covid-19. The main idea of the installation is to tell people to “go home”. Thank you to Kei, for all the support. – Follow: @vacades ✔️ #cinema4d #c4d #3d #render #art #photoshop #abstractart #design #scifi #progressbeforeperfection #daily #otoy #maxon #mdcommunity #everyday #rsa #surreal #gsgdaily #d #awesome #graphic #octane #adobe #realistic #aftereffects #empireoffuture #neon #weeditit #sunset #cgsociety

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【放送期間】4/13-4/19 Timo Helgert @vacades . . ドイツ出身のクリエイティブ・ディレクター。 彼は芸術を通じて拡張現実を探求することに焦点を当てている。 . . 彼の最近のシリーズ「The Return Of Nature」は、Covid-19の検疫の影響を受けているすべての人への希望のメッセージである。 恐怖を作り出す代わりに、ティモは単純なもので美しさに変えて、自然を理解し、困難な時でさえ希望を作り出す。 例えば渋谷交差点など、有名なランドマークを再想像し、自然とのバランスを取ってどのように見えるかを試している。 . . Timo Helgert is a Creative Director from Germany, focused on exploring Augmented Reality through his art. His recent series "The Return Of Nature" is a message of hope to everyone currently affected by the quarantine of Covid-19. Instead of creating fear, as seen in most media channels, Timo did the opposite, by bringing the focus back to the beauty in simple things, to appreciate nature and to create hope, even during hard times. The pieces re-imagine famous landmarks, for example, the Shibuya crossing, but how it would look like in balance with nature. #timohelgert #neoshibuyatv #渋谷 #shibuya #shibuyacrossing #digitalsignage #billboard #15secmuseum

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