Client: Slushii
Label: Monstercat
Production: Vacades
Timeline: 1 month

Nick Diaz – Director, Producer, Quill Artist, Maya Animator

Dan Franke – Director, Quill Artist, Maya Animator, Unity Developer

Peter Ariet – Associate Producer, Technical Artist

Felix Stief – Quill Artist, Environment

Design Nick Ladd – Quill Artist, Character Design

Rachel Brown – Maya Animator

Nick Saunders – Unity Developer, Visual Development

Amanda Cha – Game Shrimp, Character Design

Felix Herbst – Prefrontal Cortex, Unity Developer, Visual Development

Tim Schuster – Prefrontal Cortex, Unity Developer, Visual Development

This video took a collection of Quill Painters/Animators around the world working together with 3D Artists and Unity Developers to produce Slushii’s Latest Music Video for their songs: Dreaming of You and Far Away.
We’ve established a pipeline centered around Quill as the main asset creation tool, and then processed and enhanced these assets in Maya as a complimentary animation tool. After that we imported everything into Unity to utilize real-time rendering capabilities and compiling all of the animations from start to finish. We handled post-production within Unity and After Effects to create the final look. This video is unique because all assets we’re painted and animated using Facebook Oculus’ Quill, but also because the production heavily relied on Unity’s real-time filmmaking features. Unity provided us the freedom to customize the environments we created in Quill and handle all the animations with real-time rendering capabilities. Animations, cameras, and VFX were synced utilizing the Unity Timeline which ensured the fluidity of the video. The High Definition Render Pipeline allowed the team to define a visual style with volumetric lighting, shaders, and post-processing which help quickly evolve our creative vision. Unity was essential for the production of this VR animation music video.

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